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If you are looking for a little help to get out of the bed? What about a Radio Alarm Clock? Easy-to-use, reliable. Looking for a Timex Alarm Clock Radio like all other searchers? Have a look at the REAL top sellers. We did quite some research for you, so that you can save a few hours, and get best value for price. We have done it for you here.

Is the Timex Alarm Clock Radio Still Best Choice?

To be honest, it’s the most searched brand in the internet, but it is not the most bought. To show you the real best sellers we have reasearched a comprehensive selection of highly rated, alarm clock radio.

And we have done our work selecting alarm clocks for kids, radio alarm clock for heavy sleepers, the ones that project time on ceiling and the cheapes below 25 USD. See our ranking here. Or jump to the best seller right away!

The Quick Best Sellers Products Overview

#1 DreamSky Digital Alarm Clock Radio (Best Seller)

4,0 inch large LED Screen, Adjustable Alarm Sound, Wake Up Buzzer or Radio, Digital FM Radio only with sleep timer, USB Charging Port, AC Powered, Battery Backup

#2 USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radion with Dimmer, Dual Alarm

3.4 inch LCD Display, Dual Alam with separate weekend/weekday/all-7-day mode, 5 built-in tones (incl. beep, piano, buffer, bird, soft music), FM radio, 2 USB ports, AC powered, battery backup (only use as backup as clock drains battery fast, purchase batteries separately).

#3 Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock

0,9 inch LED disply, 2 alarms (snooze/repeat) with no volume control, weekday mode only, programmable sleep-to-music timer, wake up to radio or buzzer alarm, AM/FM radio, CR2 batteries (included), AC Plug, Automatic time adjustment.

#4 Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock (available in 7 colors)

Sunset/Sunrise simulation, Set alarm time & wake-up-light will gradually increase from 10% to 100%. Before bedtime light will gradually dim from 100% to 0% with music. TURN OFF Light or Sound completely if wished. Dual alarms with 7 natural sounds, snooze function with 9 extra minutes, FM radio. 1 USB Cable, 1 AC Power Adapter, Batterie (1 Lithium) included.

#5 Philips AJ3116M/37 Digital Tuning Clock Radio

Green display, Dual alarm, Repeat alarm with snooze function (9 min), FM radio, wake up to radio or buzzer, sleep timer, AC Plug, Battery backup (2x AAA) included.

#6 Mpow Projection Alarm Clock Radio – Ceiling Projector

5 inch large LED display, dimmer slider fully adjustable (0-100%), Dual alarms with snooze function (9 min.), 5 alarm sounds, 3 adjustable volume levels. FM radio with 30 stations quick access, sleep timer, 180g ceiling projection (rotatable, 4-level brightness), USB Charging port (Output), power-off memory.

#7 Housbay Glow Small Alarm Clock Radio with Nightlight

0,8 inch display, alarm clock with dial dimmer (lighted buttons) and nightlight (7 color, 5 level of brightness), Dual Alarm with 3 wake-up sounds (radio, beep, birds), snooze function (9 min), adjustable alarm volume (8-16 levels). Battery Backup (3x AAA – not included in delivery). DC 5V Power input, USB Charger (Output). Sleep Timer.

#8 Jingsee Digital Alarm Clock Radio

1.2 inch red LED display, Alarm with radio or beep sound (gradual volume increase), snooze function (9 min), AM/FM radio with 15-level adjustable volume, sleep timer function, AC Adapter, Battery Backup (2x AAA).

#9 ANJANK Small Digital Alarm Clock

7 inch red display with 6-level adjustable brightness, only weekdays alarm-set, 2 Alarm sounds (beep, radio) with volume not adjustable (volume gradually changes from low to louder), snooze function (10 min). FM radio with sleep timer function, 0-10 adjustable volume. USB charging port (output), Battery Backup (2x AAA not included in delivery).

#10 Timex T129B RediSet Dual Alarm Clock

0,9 inch display adjustable (high, medium, low brightness), Dual alarm clock with buzzer (1 to 29 min, gradual increase of volume), Automatic time adjustment (daylight/standard), Dual USB Charing port, Battery Backup (2x AAA included), AC Adapter

Projects Time to Ceiling Alarm Clock

#6 Mpow Projection Alarm Clock Radio with USB

Best Radio Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, Hearing Impaired with Bed Shaker

7” Large LED Display with 5-Level Adjustable Brightness. This is the one with a bed shaker (!) and extra loud alarm clock. Heavy sleepers get this one now! No Joke. Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker (extra long cable) and Extra Loud Alarm Clock, 3 Awake Modes, Dual Alarm with Snooze, Big Snooze Button, USB Charger (Output), DST 12/24h, Battery Backup (2x AAA not included), AC Plug.

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Vintage Look Radio with simple Alarm Clock

#9 Crosley Corsair (Vintage Look) Table Top AM/FM, Dual Alarm Clock, CD Player

Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

#4 Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Under 25 USD Radio Alarm Clock Selection

#3 Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock
#1 DreamSky Digital Alarm Clock Radio

For Kids Alarm Clocks Bestseller

#1 LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer, Alarm Clock

#2 Sun & Moon Rise Kids Alarm Clock, Children’s Trainer

What features do you need to check before buying a clock radio alarm?

  • Large digital displays with time, alarm, mode, current mode selected are VERY important
  • Alarm functions: Different sets of alarms, buzzer, snooze, preset radio station are important
  • Time display: the most important feature, must be visible during night, some project time to ceiling (lying in bed you can see it), most have adjustable brightness, check that light don’t disturb at night
  • Snooze function: Button to shut off alarm temporarily (for another 2-9 minutes, repeat is important if you are a heavy weak-upper)
  • Large buttons for clear functionality are important
  • Wired (electric plug) versus Battery (Wireless)? Worried about power outage? Buy one with battery backup; if you hate cables: Buy with battery only, easy & standard
  • Sound quality and volume: Small speakers are not good for listening music this is standard, may be you are looking for other alarm sounds like waves, bird chirping, rain? This is available
  • Bluetooth features to link with external loudspeakers, your smartphone
  • Wake-up light alarm clock? One best seller offers a large yellow lamp that simulates sunlight, gently natural way of waking instead of alarm sound
  • Other features: USB port to charge a smart device or charge the clock, connecting a smart phone via Bluetooth, nice-to-have…

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