Samsung Q60 vs Q70: 3 Things to Know Before You Buy

If you’re debating between the Samsung Q60 and the Samsung Q70 but can’t make up your mind, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll give you an extensive breakdown of both Samsung TVs, compare them, and help you decide which Samsung smart TV should be the centerpiece of your living room. The more affordable Samsung Q60R (sometimes just the Q60 for short) and the luxury Q70 are two of their most popular products, so they’re probably the first two Samsung TVs you’ll look at.

Samsung is probably best known for their line of Galaxy smartphones, but the Korean tech giants produce basically any electronic product you can think of, including TVs. In recent years, smart technology has made its way from phones to TVs, and Samsung has wasted no time in getting their share of this new market. If you’re interested in a new TV, Samsung is definitely a good brand to look at for a smart television that will have all of the modern features.

What’s So Good about Each Samsung TV?

Samsung needs no introduction, and you’re probably pretty familiar with them at this point. You may be less familiar with their TVs though. There are certain features that are constant between the Q70 and the Q60, which might make the decision seem more arbitrary and confusing, but we’ll pick apart the differences later. It’s worth knowing for now, that the traits they have in common are QLED 4K resolution, quantum HDR, and a quantum 4K processor. Now, that might have all sounded like complete gibberish to you, so I’ll actually explain what that all means.

First off, Samsung’s signature QLED uses the newest quantum dot technology to make every single pixel on your screen pure and bright. This new technology is capable of capturing completely pure reds, blues, and greens, so every color will be distinct and vibrant. Next, 4K resolution, which is also called UHD (ultra high definition) is simply the number of pixels on the screen. 4K resolution is equal to 3840 x 2160 pixels, and it’s a big step up from the 1080-pixel HD resolution that was cutting edge just a few years ago. Resolution is a simple case of the more pixels, the better, and – perhaps somewhat ironically – the more pixels on the screen, the less “pixelated” the image will seem and the better the picture quality will be.

That brings us to HDR. HDR stands for high dynamic range imaging. It’s basically a technique that allows TVs to show both brighter and darker colors without the colors devolving into either pure white or pure black. This opens up the opportunity to give you an incredibly colorful and vibrant viewing experience, as you can see dark and light shades of color that weren’t previously possible on screen.

Finally, we have the quantum 4K processor, which allows your TV to utilize all of the previously mentioned technology to the fullest extent possible. A processor is basically the brain of any piece of technology, and Samsung’s cutting-edge quantum 4K processor is able to upscale any video on the screen to stunning 4K resolution, even if the content was originally produced in a lower resolution. On both the Samsung Q60R and the Samsung Q70, everything you watch will look as beautiful as ever.

In addition to all of this amazing technology that gives both the Q60R and the Q70 some of the best color volume, peak brightness, and image quality out there, both of our Samsung TVs are compatible with voice control provided by both Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant. They come with Samsung’s Bixby and use the same smart technology operating system. This means that you get an amazing viewing experience, and you’ll never have to flip over cushions looking for the remote ever again.

As is par for the course these days, both TVs come with apps installed for all of the major streaming services. Also, both TVs come with a Real Game Enhance game mode that’s specifically designed to help you game with as little input lag or video lag as possible, to give you the best response time for all of the on-screen action. Both TVs also have a nice ambient mode that allows you to turn the screen on and show a calming visual display that will set the mood for any dinner or cocktail party.

Now that we’ve finally got all of that technical stuff out of the way, and we’ve explained what makes each TV similar, it’s time to talk about what sets each TV apart. We’ll start things off with the Samsung Q60R.

The Samsung Q60 Smart TV

The Samsung Q60R, which obviously comes before the Samsung Q70 in the Korean tech company’s Q series, is the cheaper and slightly less fancy of our two TVs, but that’s a relative phrase. I’d advise you not to continue reading this article under the impression that the Q60R is some kind of third-rate budget TV. With all of the technology above to give it the best image quality and the most streamlined viewing experience, this Samsung TV is nothing but a quality TV. It is a bit weaker than its big brother in the Q70, but there are still some reasons why you’d decide to go with the Samsung Q60R. Here are the big selling points of the Samsung Q60R.

Selling Point #1: Smaller Size

It might go a bit against conventional wisdom to praise a TV for being small and having a small screen, but the bottom line is that not everyone has a massive living room suitable for a cinema-sized TV. If you live in a smaller apartment in a big city where real estate is at a premium, it’s probably a better decision to go with a smaller TV. Again, it’s important to point out that “small” is a relative term and that the Samsung Q60R is still pretty big.

It comes in several different sizes, with the smallest being 43 inches vs 49 inches in the Q70. The largest size is a whopping 82 inches, so even if you do want a massive TV, you’ll be taken care of. However, the Q70 also comes in those larger sizes, so in that regard, there’s nothing really setting the Q60R apart. But if you want a (relatively) smaller TV that offers all of the best in modern technology to give you a fantastic voice-activated UI and some of the best image quality available, you should go with the Q60R.

Selling Point #2: Price

Some people may find this selling point as a bit of a left-handed compliment, but the Samsung Q60R is cheaper than its Q70R counterpart. Everything comes with a catch, and there are reasons for this, which will become more apparent when we review the Samsung Q70, but versus its big brother, the Samsung Q60R will save you some money, and you’re still walking away with a high-quality QLED smart TV that gives you high dynamic range picture quality at a good value price. This of course comes down to a simple tradeoff on the part of the customer. Do you want to save some money and get the “worse” and older TV? Or are you willing to break the bank for the more up-to-date Samsung Q70? The choice is yours, and it’s all about cost-benefit analysis.

Those are the big highlights of the Q60. If you have a smaller living room or are on a bit of a budget, it’s a great option, and one of the best TVs out there in terms of the value for its price. Now let’s continue to the Q70, so you can learn everything you need to know about both TVs before you make your final decision.

The Samsung Q70 Smart TV

The successor of the Samsung Q60R, the Samsung Q70 offers all of the best in terms of HDR content, picture quality, peak brightness, and UHD resolution. It’s more expensive, but if you’re a real connoisseur who wants nothing but the best, the Q70 is probably more your speed than the cheaper Q60. Here are the perks you’ll get for your extra spending that might just be too much for you to say no to.

Important Feature #1: Dolby Sound and Woofer

Picture quality is only one-half of the TV experience. With the Samsung Q70, you’re sure to get the best sound quality to go with your amazing HDR content and 100% color volume images. You don’t want to have dull sound that can’t keep up with the beautiful and crip images and videos on your screen. If you care about hearing every word of dialogue and every sound effect loudly and clearly, the Dolby sound system and woofer might be enough on its own for you to decide to splurge for the Q70. It’ll give you the full-package TV experience.

Important Feature #2: Better Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate will make everyone’s TV viewing more pleasant, but it’s particularly important for gamers. The refresh rate is how often the images on your screen are being changed, and the higher the refresh rate, the smoother the video will be. The Samsung Q70 has a refresh rate of 120Hz versus the 60Hz of the Q60R. What that means in practice, is that you’ll get a response time that’s twice as quick from the Q70. You’ll experience almost zero video lag while gaming. There will also be less input lag, so you’ll feel better the action than ever, and you’ll finally be able to start climbing up that leader board. If you’re a really hardcore gamer that wants to see their skills really jump levels and refuses to be held back by their hardware, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a 120Hz refresh rate from your TV.

Important Feature #3: Full Array Backlights

We’ve explained already that both the Samsung Q60R and the Q70R both use Samsung’s QLED technology to give you the purest and most vibrant colors, but one feature that the Q70R has over the Q60R is a full array of backlights behind the screen, compared to the slim array of the Samsung Q60R. This means that on top of all of the best colors, you’ll see the purest blacks and whites you can imagine.

Everything will look livelier and better than ever, and you’ll really get the full range of colors. This will be especially nice for any horror fans that are more likely to be watching TV shows or movies with a lot of dark images. There are also some gamers who will definitely appreciate this feature. If you understand that black and white are just as crucial to picture quality as colors are, you’ll probably want to pay more for the Q70.

Important Feature #4: Better Viewing Angle

Our last standout feature of the Samsung Q70R smart TV is absolutely crucial if you plan on having the whole squad over for movie night. Because it has ultra viewing angle technology versus the wide viewing angle feature of the Samsung Q60R, everyone will get a good clear view of all the on-screen action no matter where they’re sitting. No more craning your neck from the armchair or the edge of the couch that’s not directly facing the TV, and no more fighting over the best seats either.

The ultra viewing angle feature gets rid of that pesky glare that you experience when you’re watching TV from an angle. That makes the Samsung Q70R an absolute must for anybody who likes to play host or lives in a more crowded home. Basically, if you plan on sharing your TV, make sure it has viewing angle technology that lets everybody enjoy it at once.

The Pros and the Cons

Now that you have all of the information, we want to break it down into an easy-to-digest format. You read about the Q60, and you read about the Q70, but sometimes you just need to see it all next to each other. Here are the pros and cons of both Samsung smart TVs as they relate to each other, so you can easily weigh your options and make your decision.

The Q60R


  • Cheaper than its successor
  • Comes in a smaller size that may be more to your liking
  • One of the best value purchases on the market


  • Lower refresh rate of 60Hz
  • Worse black and white hues
  • Worse viewing angle
The Q70R


  • Better sound system
  • The full array backlighting gives you amazing black and white hues
  • The ultra viewing angle feature lets everyone have a good view of the screen
  • The 120Hz refresh rate is perfect for gaming


  • More expensive
  • There’s no smaller screen-size option

What Do the Reviews Say?

You are probably starting to get a good sense of which TV is for you by now, but it can always help to get a second opinion. The whole purpose of this article is to save you all those hours of web crawling and give you all the information you need in one convenient place. In pursuit of that goal, we’ve read all the reviews and blog posts for the Q60R and the Q70R so you can hear what the experts and other customers think before you go ahead and make your decision.

What buyers say about the Q60R

Starting off with reviews from paying customers, the Q60R has thousands of positive comments. A lot of people really like this TV. Reviewers pretty much raved about the QLED picture quality. However, one customer, who gave an overall positive review, actually stated that they prefer OLED (organic light-emitting diode) lighting to QLED. This is not an unpopular opinion and is actually a bit of a debate among TV enthusiasts. QLED is cheaper, lasts longer, has a higher peak brightness, and is better with big screen sizes. OLED, on the other hand, has a better viewing angle and gives you deeper blacks. Obviously, this is a matter of preference, and since both of our Samsung TVs use QLED technology it’s largely irrelevant. But if you’re intrigued by OLED technology, I definitely encourage you to look into other TV brands.

As for blog posts and long reviews, this was a bit of a different story. Reviewers tended to be a little lower in rating the Q60R than customers were, though it still received overall positive reviews. Some pros that stood out to reviewers from the websites Rtings and Tom’s Guide were that this Samsung TV is great for gaming due to its low input lag and solid motion handling, that it has great color quality, and that it has plenty of HDMI ports. That’s of course not mentioning its cheaper price compared to the Q70R.

The most common issue with this TV was the viewing angle, though reviewers also called attention to “unimpressive backlight and HDR performance,” a problem likely solved by the full array lighting of the Q70R, and underwhelming sound quality. As we mentioned, the newer Samsung Q70R has better sound than the Q60R, but if you want to go with the Q60R, you could package it with the Q60R soundbar sound system. You’d still save money overall, and you’re sure to get improved sound quality.

Overall, the takeaway from reviewers and customers is that the Q60R is a good – maybe even great – TV. But most would shy away from calling it amazing. If you’re not super picky, it’s a very solid and cheap option. And if you are picky, you can keep reading to get the expert opinion on the Q70R.

What Buyers Says About the Q70R

Our second Samsung TV received much less feedback than the Q60, which is not surprising considering that it’s more expensive. This could point to it being less popular, but it’s probably just that more people go with the cheaper option. The Amazon customers who did review this TV were very positive about it, raving about both the picture and the smart technology user-interface. If this will be your first smart TV, you don’t need to worry about having trouble navigating it. The fans have made it clear that the OS is simple and easy for even the biggest technophobes.

Official reviewers were much more impressed by the Q70R than they were by the Q60R. Considering that the Q70R is the newer model, this is hardly surprising. particularly was much more impressed; they gave the Q70R TV a higher rating in almost every category. The only complaint they had about the Q70R was that the viewing angle still leaves something to be desired. They had nothing but praise for the black colors on this TV, even in dark rooms, so the full array lighting feature must have paid up for Samsung.

Techradar was similarly impressed by this Samsung TV, and complimented its amazing color quality, improved HDR content, and “cutting-edge features.” They specifically pointed out that the Q70R has a “comprehensive smart platform.” That being said, they were a bit turned off by the lack of Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos support. Just as with the Q60R, you could beef up the sound on this TV by springing for a soundbar sound system, though that might run the cost up a little bit. Any way you spin it, Samsung really made the jump from good to great when they followed up the Q60R with the Q70.

What About the Rest of the Q Series?

It’s worth mentioning that the Q70R is no longer the newest model from the Q series. If the Q70R caught your attention but you’d be willing to pay for something even better, you should definitely look into the newer TVs from the series, specifically the Q90R.

The newest line in the series boasts HDR x 16 versus the HDR x 4 of the Q60R and x 8 of the Q70R. That means that as breathtaking and praiseworthy as the colors are on the Q70R, the Q90R boasts colors roughly twice as dazzling. On top of that, the Q90R is equipped with an improved full array system that features local dimming and will give you blacks you didn’t know existed.

Besides that, this newer TV has the same 4K resolution and quantum 4K processor, and the same overall build and features that have become synonymous with the Q series.

The newest member of the Q series family has less than 1,000 reviews on Amazon, which indicates that it’s been pretty exclusive so far. This isn’t exactly surprising. For everything the Q90R has to offer, it’s expensive and that’s before you even considering adding the Q80R or Q90R soundbar. Plus, its smallest option is 65 inches, so there’s no guarantee you’ll even have room for this TV.

You should really only look at this model if you have some money to spare and you really want the single best TV you can get your hands on. For most casual viewers, you’re better off looking at the earlier iterations of the series.

How Should I Set Up My New Samsung TV?

Whether you decide to go with the Q60R or the Q70, you have to decide how you’re going to set it up. The two main options are to mount it on the wall or use the included stand. It will come down both to what suits your living room and to your personal taste, but we do have some general advice to offer on which you should go with.

If you don’t have a convenient place to put the stand, then you’ll definitely want to mount your TV. Mounting a TV creates a much cleaner look and takes up much less space. So if you hate the feeling of clutter, you’ll want to do away with the included TV stand. However, mounting a TV can be, quite frankly, difficult and annoying. Some people also may get a bit paranoid about the actual mount. So if you tend to be a bit nervous, or just don’t want to go through the trouble, probably better to just use the stand and call it a day.

The second big issue to think about when setting up your new TV is if you want to buy the soundbar or not. In terms of quality, it’s obviously only an upgrade, and the sound system doesn’t even take up a whole lot of room. You basically just need to think about if it’s worth it from a monetary standpoint or not. Personally, I would say it can help to think about what you’re going to be watching. If you’re watching sitcoms or even sports, you don’t really need the craziest sound system out there. But if you’re watching a lot of horror or action movies or playing a lot of video games, a high-quality sound system can make a big difference in terms of your experience, and you should definitely consider splurging for the Samsung Soundbar.

What Ports and Inputs Do the TVs Have?

We’ve said pretty much everything there is to say about the software of our two Samsung TVs, but what about the hardware? Having all the ports you need can make a huge difference, and it’s an aspect of TVs that, in general, is probably a bit overlooked by the typical customer. It’d be a shame to buy a new TV only to find out that you don’t have all of the ports you want, or that you don’t have enough HDMI ports so you have to constantly unplug certain consoles or accessories to use your other products. Luckily, you’ll never have that problem with the Q series TVs.

On top of having access to your wifi, which is usually enough to connect to certain devices like speakers or your smartphone, both the Q60R and the Q70R come with 4 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. That means you can plug in your Chromecast and your Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, and those 4 HDMI ports mean that you can plug in every major video game console of the newest generation and still have an HDMI port leftover. Who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to use your new TV as a PC monitor. Of course, both the Q60R and the Q70R are also Bluetooth compatible. In terms of hardware, these TVs are absolutely right there with the best.


There’s no real question about it. In a fight between the Samsung Q60R and the Samsung Q70R, the Q70R is the better TV. As the follow-up model to the Q60R, it’s not exactly surprising that the Q70R came out as our winner, but let’s talk about why that happened.

Both TVs have a stunning QLED display, but the Q70R has better viewing angles that will allow everyone on the couch to get the full high-quality viewing experience. It has improved HDR, and it has a full array backlighting system that gives you superior quality on your black ad white hues. On top of that, while both the Samsung Q60 and the Q70R were touted as being amazing gaming TVs, the Q70R has a refresh rate that’s twice as fast, so you’ll have to find a new excuse for why you’re losing, because you won’t have any lag with this TV. The Q70R basically fixed the flaws of the Samsung Q60 – the sound quality and the black and white quality – and improved on its big selling points with improved HDR and a faster refresh rate.

Of course, there’s always a catch. The Q70R is pretty expensive, and not everyone is going to be willing to throw down the money for this high-quality TV. Also, if you want a smaller model, the Q70R leaves you out of luck, as the smallest it goes is 49 inches while the Q60R has a 43-inch option.

If it were me, I would definitely decide to save some money and go with the Samsung Q60. But everyone is on a different budget and has different tastes. The simple truth is I probably wouldn’t notice the difference in sound quality or black-and-white image quality. If you’re a real connoisseur when it comes to television, you should definitely spend the extra money for the Q70R, and you might even want to look at the top-of-the-line Q90R. It comes down to how serious you are about your TV. If you’re more serious, go with the Samsung Q70R. Pick the winner here…

If you’re a casual viewer, stick with the Samsung Q60 and get it here

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